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CV Boot Repair From Our Auto Repair Tips

CV Boot Repair


Garden Grove CV Boot Repair


When thinking about auto maintenance like an oil change, alignments, brake jobs or new wipers few drivers in Garden Grove think about their constant velocity boot and or better as its better know the CV Boot. The CV boot is a small rubber encasement that covers the CV joint and keeps grease packed inside. If the CV boot gets damaged your CV Joint is exposed and can begin to fail. The CV Joint basically keeps your axle from breaking every time you hit a bump, and keeps your wheels aligned and turning. There are actually two of them on an axle: one at the transmission and one at the wheel. They allow for all types of movement and any odd angles required as you pass over the road, and as such, the joint must remain very well-lubricated.

These CV Boots need to be regularly inspected because it’s easy enough for the boot to tear, either by road debris or age. Fortunately, Orozco’s Auto Service of Garden Grove’s certified ASE auto technicians will always inspect your vehicle, including the CV Boots every time you come in for service. But if your CV boots are damaged and not addressed grease will leak out and contaminants like water and damaging particles make their way in. With less lubrication and more water, you’ll start to build rust, which will quickly destroy the joint. A broken CV joint is a critical failure that will render the car undriveable, so keeping an eye on your boot and replacing it soon after it’s torn should be a top priority. If by any chance your vehicle gets to this point here are a few warning signs that you have a problem: grease splattered on the inside of the wheel, visible damage or vibration while driving. If you get a serious vibration or you hear a noticeable clicking or popping when you turn, you are already too late and should immediately visit Orozco’s Auto Service and get the entire CV axle replaced along with new CV boots.

If you are concerned about your CV Boots or you would like to have them inspected call or visit Orozco’s Auto Service of Garden Grove today at 714-537-0076. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!

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