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Orozco’s Auto Service – The Right Auto Repair Shop For You


A lot of people out there have a love / hate relationship with their vehicle. We all love our vehicles for the obvious reasons they get us where we need to go, we enjoy road trips and in many cases they are a reflection of ourselves. Unfortunately the love wears out quickly when it’s time to get new tires, new brakes, manufacturers recommended tune ups and so on. Many of these services are necessary to keep you vehicle running it’s best for many years and to avoid bigger repairs later on. With that being said one of the most important requirement for regular auto service is a reliable auto repair shop. Orozco’s Auto service of Garden Grove would like to be that shop. So we would like to share some of our qualities to help you make the right choice when choosing a partner to keep you in love with your vehicle.

Below are just a few of the reasons our customers keep coming back.

When you bring your vehicle into Orozco’s Auto Service, you can be reassured we know auto repair. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have expanded to several shops. You don’t build that kind of track record by taking advantage of customers. We are a family owned business and have built our business over the years with referrals from our loyal customers.

We maintain all the certifications for a well trained shop
We only employ ASE Certified Services Advisors and Mechanics; this indicates that our Services Advisors and Mechanics have passed tests and been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. With today’s modern vehicles changing at such a rapid pace, experience alone isn’t enough to maintain a professional staff. In addition to the initial training and testing, ASE Certification also means maintaining that status with continued education year after year.

We have a good reputation in our community
At Orozco’s Auto Service we believe in giving back to our communities. We have partnered with local blood banks with a blood donation incentive with an oil change, helping raise money for local food banks and animal shelters. We’re also involve in our local community groups like Kiwanis Club and The International Toastmasters Association.

We show pride in our appearance
We make every effort to keep our shops clean, safe and friendly. First time customers are always overwhelmed with the manner in which we keep our waiting rooms and restrooms. We like to feel these areas are an extension of our home and want everyone to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible in these areas. We also regularly maintain our buildings exterior to show that we care about our community.

Our Service Advisors and Technicians will always communicate with you
They will always be forthcoming with exactly what wrong with your vehicle and how it will be fixed and what it will probably cost — in language that you understand. Additionally, we will always have someone available to communicate with any of our Spanish speaking customers. Se Habla Espanol.

Warranty Policy
Orozco’s Auto Service is so confident in our ability to provide quality auto repair services that you can depend on, that we easily provide you with one of the longest Auto Repair Warranties in the country. Our standard nationwide warranty is Two Years, 24,000 miles and can often be upgraded to a 3 year, 36,000 miles. Some restrictions may apply.

We’re the perfect fit for you
We will it give you a ride home or to work after you drop off your car and pick you up when it’s ready within 10 miles. We offer free Wi-Fi internet connection, should you want to wait while the work’s being done. We offer an after hours secure place to leave your keys if you want to drop off the car the night before instead of early in the morning. We have free coffee, tea and bottled water in our waiting area.

If you would like to learn more about our stellar reputation or visit our auto repair shop, call Orozco’s Auto Service of Garden Grove today at 714-537-0076. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!


Orozco’s Auto Service Garden Grove – Orange County CA
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Orozco’s Auto Service has five convenient locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties Long Beach, Bellflower, Garden Grove or Fullerton!

Auto Repair Tips – Getting Your Automobile Back On The Road

Many folks are lost when it comes to auto repair. There is no need to feel that way. Keep reading in order to learn some basic auto repair tips.

TIP! When taking your vehicle to a shop, ask any questions you may have about it. What will they do to fix it? What is the problem? Learning how to prevent certain issues will help you save a lot of money.

Before you hand over your car to the shop, be sure you are clear about the repair costs. If you do not understand something, have it cleared up with the mechanic before he or she makes the repairs. You don’t want to get the car back, only to be shocked at how much the repairs cost you.

TIP! Be sure and regularly check your radiator. Let the car run a while, shut off the engine and then pop the hood.

Keep a record of every car repair. If you have problems with your vehicle later on, you will find it helpful to have some records for the next technician to look at. If you don’t have a record of past work, it may cost you money and make it hard for the technician to diagnose the problem.

TIP! There are certain repairs that you can do yourself. There are a few things that you can fix easily yourself.

Be wary of auto technicians who perform unneeded repairs on your vehicle. A reputable mechanic will let you know when they see something else wrong with your vehicle and they’ll give you options as to how to proceed. If a mechanic performed a repair you did not authorize, you should not take your vehicle to them twice.

TIP! You can easily find an auto mechanic that is good if you get referred to them. Ask co-workers, friends and family for recommendations.

Look for signs that should serve as a warning that your repair man is no good. If they avoid your questions or give you the run around, they may not be reliable. Having a mechanic you can trust is extremely important; don’t waste your time with one who can’t make you confident in his skills.

TIP! Educate yourself on your car’s manual and bookmark important pages. Your mechanic will need the manual for certain information.

These tips should put you in a better position to deal with auto repairs. Be steadfast when you are dealing with your car problems, and do not let any mechanic swindle you. Read on to see what is possible for you when you need to fix your car.

Orozco’s Auto Service Garden Grove – Orange County CA
12776 Nutwood Street Garden Grove, CA 92840
Call Today: 714-537-0076 – Auto/Fleet/Diesel Service Repairs

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